Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Foster Care Update

Thanks for all your prayers. The hearing about relinquishment of parental rights for our foster son, R, went through without a snag. The agency called us the other day and told us they had a potential family on the East coast who had been waiting for a child for about a year. They thought they could get this done in time to have R in his new home by Christmas. That has been our hope and prayer, too. Then, about an hour later, the same agency rep called us again. Apparently, the state case-worker has to do a new home study, and she "will not let her social life be dictated by an adoptive family." She isn't going to do a thing until after Christmas. Wonderful response from someone who is supposed to work for the health and welfare of children, don't you agree?

So . . . we will have R through Christmas. That's no real hardship for us, but it's obviously not the best thing for him. It would have been so good for him to make his Christmas memories with his new family. Keep praying for him. He is making great progress on his speech and social skills. It's as if he has turned a corner in the past two weeks. When he came to us he had about a 5 word vocabulary. Now he uses many words, and is stringing them together into sentences. He loves his little cars, and the other day he asked "Where cars, please?" We were overjoyed! He is also (slowly) learning to share and take turns. It's something he has never had to do before.

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