Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All but a Done Deal

This weekend we met our foster son’s adoptive mother. I previously said “prospective adoptive mother,” but I don’t think that applies anymore. After just a few hours with R, we knew that this was going to happen.

She came in from the east coast on Sunday, and her first exposure to R was seeing him throw a little fit about having to leave the church nursery, where he was having a lovely time playing in the cars. She also saw how quickly his little meltdowns end, and what a loving, happy child he is. We got to spend some time with her and find out about her family, and everything we learned just made us love her more. There are already two children in their family, and they just have a heart for adoption. She told us they have been trying to adopt a child from China for several years, and she just “happened” to go online and saw R’s profile. She sent in their profile and they were contacted within two days.

God is really taking a hand in this adoption. Right now, the only difficulty is the last of the paperwork. The social worker in their area is leaving for vacation on Friday. If she gets the final home study and paperwork done by then, the new family will come out next week (they have to spend four days here in town), and will take R home with them for Christmas. If not, it will definitely happen after the New Year.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers for us and for R and for his adoptive family. Your prayers have been powerfully effective. It will definitely leave a hole in our hearts to see R go, but we know he is going to his forever family, and that it will be a blessed place for him.

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