Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Short Foster Care Update

Thanks to all who have been praying for our foster son, R. He is doing very well. We have him in speech, physical, and occupational therapy. I'll bet you didn't know a 2-year-old could have occupational therapy. It's really about his fine motor skills. He really loves his speech therapist, who just happens to be our daughter-in-law. I think my son has a new rival for her affection . . .

R has also discovered that he likes attention very much, and is ready to pitch a fit if things don't go his way. Shan, acting on an idea from the occupational therapist, made him a little mat, which she carries in the diaper bag. Whenever R throws a fit, she gets it out and sits him on it. The consistency of being made to sit on the mat really lets him know he's in unacceptable territory.

His speech is really starting to improve, and he is starting to use sign language as well. That helps him communicate when the words just won't come.

We found out last week that the adoption agency got the official paperwork, and they are looking for a family for him now. We also discovered that there is one promising potential family for him. These folks will be in town over Thanksgiving weekend, and we will hopefully get to take R to meet them.

This whole process has been tiring, especially for Shan, who has R basically 24 hours a day. But she is a warrior and a great mother, and she is doing so much good for him.

We're praying that this will be the right family for him. We'll miss him, but that has been the whole point of fostering him—to give him a new family.

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