Monday, June 1, 2009

Singing at the Ranger Game

Just a quick update. Last Friday (5/29/09) I was privileged to be part of a group that sang the National Anthem at the Texas Rangers game. My praise team from church (it's not really mine, just the one I'm part of) has done this several times, and it is always a lot of fun. We had a great arrangement with some really tight, beautiful harmonies. It's kind of barbershop-quartet-like at times, and at times very jazzy. Last time we did this the mikes didn't work well and the pitch was hard to hear, so it was a bit of a train wreck. Not bad, jut not really good.

This time it came off flawlessly. These folks I sing with are absolutely top-notch! I had people stop me in the stadium to ask if I'd sung for them that night, and all of them were very gracious. Unfortunately, we didn't get it videotaped as we planned. Maybe next time.

And the Rangers won both games! How cool is that?

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