Friday, May 15, 2009

A Short Update on Foster Care

We heard back from the caseworker at Adoption Works yesterday. Apparently CPS was involved in this situation from the beginning, and they actually came to Adoption Works to see if they had someone who would temporarily foster the twins. No slight on them, but Adoption Works really wasn't ready for this. In the past, they used to be larger with more funding, and wouldn't have had any difficulty with this situation.

I can only assume that CPS came to them because they had nowhere else to place the twins on such short notice, and because they thought the fostering wouldn't cost CPS anything.

It still remains to be seen if things can be worked out. There is a relative in the picture. But it is still possible those little boys may come to stay a while with us. We just don't know.

Pray for those boys. Not so much that they come to us, although we are ready for them if they do. Pray that they get the parenting they need. That's the real goal.

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